Chage & Aska MTV Unplugged live 2


Chage & Aska MTV Unplugged live 2

Chage and Aska appeared in "MTV Unplugged" as the first artist from Asia. They performed the total of 12 songs, "Hung Up the Phone," "The River," "Otoko to Onnna," and more. While they were performing "N to L no Yakyubo," a microphone was disconnected by accident, and they repeated playing the same song. Despite this accident, the audiences were overwhelmed by their performances. The program was broadcasted in Japan and 50 other countries in Europe and Asia. 8. NとLの野球帽9. CASTLES IN THE AIR 10. SAY YES 11. HANG UP THE PHONE II
@onigiri_dvd_htb 麻美さん、ご出産おめでとうございます\(^o^)/ 私の大好きなChageさんの子供さんと同じ誕生日だから、絶対忘れないわ(^^)/ 寒い日が続きますので、ご家族皆さんご自愛下さいね。

im so done with my pro pic im gnna chage it to myself but ill probably get tired of it by tomorrow

Bawak balik laptop tapi tak bawak chage. Naiss gilaa.

I wish that i could find the strenght to chage my life b4 it is too late..

RT @I_luv_tittys: Yu been ma bestfiend 4 2 years nd thts not goin chage any time soon idc how mad i get at yu @Beautiful_myaa ily

Anothr early start (canae wait 2get ma friggin car) runnin about daft on Xmas Eve b4 work.... sum things never chage #nuthousehereicome

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